Winter time in San Diego. This was last January here in Imperial Beach.

Winter time in San Diego. This was last January here in Imperial Beach.

Winter is finally rolling into San Diego, as much as winters do in these parts. The air is brisk at night, the leaves blowing off the few deciduous varieties here by the beach. The daytime temperatures are still in the high 70’s, though, and the sky stays the clear blue of a robin’s egg. It’s idyllic, and I know this, but I can’t help the yearning I feel for a real wintertime. My spirit wants the smell of pine and the dry, clear cold that only comes on winter nights where it falls below freezing. When I started university in San Diego, I never thought I’d stay here past the few years it took to graduate. Little did I know that I’d meet my future hubby and grow roots here. The thought of digging up the little ones and taking them into the unknown is daunting. My blood is transient.

The truth is, staying physically put in the same monotony of every day life drains me. Ever since I married my spouse, I’ve been eager to pack it up and keep exploring. San Diego was supposed to be a pit-stop, nothing more than a baby step away from my parent’s home so I could begin to stretch my boundaries. So far it’s been a 17 year pit-stop, and I’m antsy. I can’t help but feel that we were meant to move, to be fluid like a river and reach our fingers wherever the the earth will take us. What happens when we sit still for too long? Do we go stagnant or dry up? This, I fear.

As the years have past, I’ve grown and changed so much, but the nature of my heart is the same. Exploration and new experiences are life-giving. I know that it will be painful to leave the community that we have here, but bittersweet. Technology and ease of travel mean that family and friends-like-family are always accessible. My kids need to learn to explore the world and to not fear the unknown. I know not everyone is wired like me, but new experiences make everyone grow.

We are not 100% sure, but I think we are going to make the jump sometime in the next year. We have been researching and praying for clear direction. We want to be somewhere where we can be doing something positive in whatever community we are planted in. This spring, we will make the trip to Detroit to check out the city and get a feel for its heartbeat. Along the way, we will check out a few other places like Kansas City and St. Louis, too, but we are feeling a real draw to the Motor City.

Check out the video and article below for some more insight and stats. Are you from Detroit? Ever been there? We would love any words of wisdom or connections to check out in the comments. We love community development and working with youth and have a good amount of experience in both.




Life trajectories are a funny thing. You can be on a good, straight one for a long time, and then something happens to push you just a little off of your intended course. At that instant the end you were aiming for shifts.

Trajectories, by their very nature, are passive courses taken by an object that was hurled onto that path at some point. We can choose to stay on the trajectory we were pushed onto, waiting to either hit our goal or have some other force knock us off track. Or, we can choose to stop being passively rolled along our given course and choose our own direction, a different direction. I am shooting for the latter.

I’ve been thinking of starting a personal blog for a long time. I’ve wanted to be a writer of some sort for as long as I can remember. Through life’s forces, I’ve been many things but the one I’ve dreamed of. I recently quit my real job, picked up a side job doing copy writing for a huge article mill (that I won’t mention by name) and am setting my sights on doing everything I can to ultimately write novels. Why not start here? I am 100% positive that other folks out there have my same desire, maybe not to be a novelist but some other deep dark secret goal. Maybe my trajectory-changing journey will be inspiration for you, too.