My Journey as a Wannabe Writer

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It only happens one time, so you better make it worth it. Writing is something I really love to do, but it’s never been front and center. About a year ago I thought I’d try to make it more of a reality. I quit my day job and started writing copy for a studio, then I started writing my own articles for a local paper. I thought it’d be cool, but really I hated it. It’s like when you try making your hobby your job – it kind of sucks the fun right out of it. Lucky for me, my day job called me back.

My goal now is to write for fun. I’ve always wanted to learn how to weave a story together. I am okay at writing real-life, but fiction is difficult and it fascinates me. I want to write a book before I die, so what better time to start than now? Sometimes I’ll blog about random thoughts. Most of the time I’ll add to the rough story line I have going on here, and maybe sometime I’ll start another one.

My first hope is that publicly putting it out there will keep me writing. My second hope is that maybe some of you will be inspired to follow your own dreams. Thanks for reading, and follow me if you want to stick around for the ride…

Click the BLOG page to get the most recent stuff I’ve posted.

Click the ANNIE AND CHRISTIAN page to get the rundown and find the beginning of the story.

Click the ABOUT page to, well, find out a little more about me.


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