About Me

My name is Kim, and I am kind of random. I went to college when I was 17 and got a degree is something I’ve never really used. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I’ve worked in some of the coolest non-profit jobs around, including helping to run an urban farm for at-risk youth in central San Diego. I love living life and working in the inner city. I used to live on a small urban farm in the middle of Southeastern San Diego with my family, another family, a slew of animals, and random other folks at various times who need a temporary place to stay. We recently moved to a small mountain town just east of LA and adopted two more kids from the foster system, so the craziness never seems to slow down.

As far as writing goes, I really want to tell the stories of the young people I work with. They are a constant inspiration to me, and although they can be idiots sometimes I am constantly in awe of how strong they are. Many people in the privileged world I grew up in have no idea what it’s like to walk in the shoes of these kids. They look down upon the gang-bangers, the thieves, the trouble makers. If only they knew that the bald-headed kid standing on the corner was sleeping at the park that night because his dad had just gotten deported and his mom disappeared a long time ago. That the girl slipping the pack of pens into her pocket was trying to get them to her little brother for school. That the kid that just got out of juvenile hall for the second time was there for beating up his step dad – you know, the guy that beat the crap out of his mom. It’s amazing to me to hear their stories in real life, and I want to attempt to tell similar stories so that maybe others will have a little more compassion the next time they see someone they want to judge. Maybe they will stop and listen to their story.

Living it, loving it ❤ Thanks for reading.


Check out the (archived) blog about our farm, Radio Acres here.



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