Annie and Christian – ReDeux

So, I have an idea! But first I must digress. I took a break for a while, obviously. What can I say? My kids (and spouse – he’s a teacher) got out of school in mid-May and it’s been a whirlwind summer. I’ve got tons of new family travel adventures and staycations under my belt now that need to be posted over at my website. It’s been fun times!

Back to my idea. As we wrap up this summer season, the gravitational pull of the fiction world is slowly gathering me back into its orbit. I’ve been thinking a lot about finishing this story of Christian and Annie that I never fully got to explore. I was scared away by the fast pace and inevitable reader judgement that was sure to come from hammering out something so quickly, but I also realize that I really do finish projects better under pressure. I think I would like to finish it, and I would like to finish it publicly. I am going to use this space to write it in chunks like I did for the beginning of the A to Z challenge, but I have decided on a few rules:

1) I am not going to worry about doing it alphabetically.

2) I am going to use this space as an un-edited, purely artistic space to get my story written. This means that it will be rough and will have typos and other editing issues, but I am going to try really hard not to care. No word processors – just dumping my words right into the posting window!

3) I am going to finish the rough draft by the end of the year.

4) Once it’s all finished via blog posts, I am going to collect all of the pieces and actually edit/rewrite it.

5) I will release a final version in the end. I’d really like to explore e-book options and see what’s out there.

I know I had a few people following me in the beginning and I would love you to stay on the journey with me! I can’t promise that the final, edited story will be the same as the one that’s going up first – in fact, I’m sure it’ll be quite different in the end. I think this will be a fun project, though, and I am looking forward to moving it along. Thanks for bearing with me.


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