A to Z – Desperate Times

I am currently taking part of the April A to Z Challenge! During this month, I am writing a single story, building each day off of the previous one. To get the story from the beginning, start here and work on up…

Her feet slapped the pavement as she scurried quickly along. She didn’t want to move too fast and draw extra attention to herself, but she wanted to put as much distance between herself and the greasy creeper as she could. As she neared the faded blue bench that designated the bus stop, she risked another quick look behind her. Creeper-guy was still following her. She only hoped that the bus would be along quickly because she did NOT want to be stuck waiting with this guy. Unfortunately it didn’t seem plausible that the bus would come before he had enough time to catch up to her. She exhaled slowly and did the only thing she could do; she sat down on the bench to wait.

Within minutes, creepy creeper caught up and sat down next to her on the bench. Annie pretended he didn’t exist as she pulled a book out of her bag — the one weapon she always carried with her to drive away unwelcome chatter from random weirdos. As she opened the tattered book, she again felt the unsettling prickle of his eyes on her.

“Hey, bonita. How you doing tonight? Headed back home?” Creeper rasped. She ignored him and buried her nose deeper into her book. “Heina! I’m talking to you. You don’t want to talk to me, beautiful? I bet I could give you something you like. Leave you begging for more…”

Annie promptly lifted her head to glare at the dirt bag. “In your dreams, pendejo,” she said flatly. He laughed as she stood up and threw her book back in her purse. She took a few long strides toward the road and turned her back to him, wishing desperately that the damn bus would hurry up.

“Ah, I like heinas with a little fight! Come on, chiquita, I just want to have a little –”

“A little what, puto?” a new voice interjected. “A little fun with the girl?”

“What, she your girl? Come on, man. Mind your own damn business.”

“She is my business, and now you’re in my business, puto. Get your ass off that bench and get the hell out of here before I make you more of my damn business, cabron.”

Annie turned around just in time to see Greasy Creeper stand up and spit on the ground in the direction of the newcomer. This guy was not going to back off. His eyes were alight with fire and hate, challenging the newcomer. By the look of Newcomers posture, he wasn’t going to back off, either. Shit. She was going to have to think of something quick. She didn’t even know who this guy was and he was going to get his ass kicked because of her.

Just as Annie reached for the newcomer’s arm, the high pitched squeal of the approaching bus sounded. With a fistful of his jacket she turned and yanked him toward the door. Adrenaline pounded in her ears and her stomach, and she was so wound up that it didn’t even occur to her to drop his arm. Before she knew it they were both on the bus and he was laughing loudly at her shoulder.



3 thoughts on “A to Z – Desperate Times

  1. Thank you! I am not a novelist, but I aspire to write one, one day! I figure this will kick me into at least thinking through an entire long-ish story =) Thanks for stopping by!

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