A to Z: The Boy

Hi, there. I am currently taking part of the April A to Z Challenge! During this month, I am writing a single story, building each day off of the previous one. To get the story from the beginning, start here and work on up…

Annie was a smart cookie. She was book-smart in the way you had to be to make it through school, and she was street-smart in the way you had to be to make it through life. She was wary and cautious, more so than other folks her age, a trait likely attributed to a tough upbringing in an even tougher neighborhood. People often told her that she was going to make it far in life, not knowing just how literally she took this tidbit. Daydreams of exotic travels across continents regularly interrupted her thoughts at inopportune times, and she couldn’t wait to finish school in a few short weeks so she could load up her few personal belongings and buy a Greyhound ticket.

Annie was also smart about boys. Many of the friends she’d had since childhood hadn’t been as smart and wary,  carrying the not-so-subtle after effects of these boys in the forms of stretchmarks and toddling guarantees to never get out of the neighborhood. Annie would not jeopardize her pathway to freedom in the form of a boy. Or a girl, for that matter. She was pretty sure neither species was actually worth the pain and suffering she’d witnessed her friends go through in the name of love or lust. Nope, freedom and happiness for Annie was nothing more than quietly finishing highschool — a personal goal that meant she’d be the first in her family — and then discreetly hopping on that bus before anyone even knew she was gone. Her mom was currently indisposed at the woman’s facility a few hours to the north and her pops had been missing in action since she was three. Fighting with her cousins for sleeping dibs on the couch at her grandmothers house was getting old, and truthfully they’d be happy to have one less body in the tiny abode. No way was a boy jeopardizing her escape.

And then she met The Boy.



2 thoughts on “A to Z: The Boy

  1. B for brave! It is really impressive that each day you are weaving a whole story together, following the alphabet. I’m hooked on the story, too. I’ll be reading each day.

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