Growing My Writing Muscles

So, here’s the thing about trying to get started with a job in writing since I’ve never had one before. I’ve got no experience. I don’t have a degree in English or lit or journalism, I don’t have anything exciting published. It’s a dream, and that’s it. I’ve got some ideas of what I think I should do to make this dream happen. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1) Write everyday. I’ve heard this over and over again, and it must be true. I’ve noticed even writing the dry how-to articles that I am doing for work is helping me become clearer and faster with my writing. It’s exercising my writing muscles.

2) Write for yourself. Sure, bills have to be paid but my goal is to carve out some time every day to write for myself by either working on my stories, on this blog or another one I’m a contributor to over at Radio Acres Farm. Dry, boring research copy will only get me so far before my sanity is shot and I decide I hate writing, after all.

3) It’s going to be necessary to write for other outlets that I won’t get paid for, in order to get more practice in and to try to break through the publishing wall. Get over it. It’s good to have other prompts and styles to work on.

4) Classes are probably a good idea. I am currently taking a fiction writing class, and I should probably continue to sign up for workshops and classes whenever possible to learn more. Even classes where I feel like I’ll already know everything. Especially those classes.

5) I need to be extraordinarily persistent, and networking doesn’t hurt, either. I’ve already submitted a handful of unsolicited articles and short fiction into the ether and haven’t heard back. I think this will be common. I need to keep my chin up and push forward.

6) A bit of good old-fashioned luck wouldn’t hurt. With everything so web-based, it’s tough to “get in” with the right people. Someone out there just has to like something they read, then we’ll go from there. Fingers are crossed! I have faith.

I’m sure that there are many other things I will come up with as time goes on. If you’ve got any other ideas for ways to keep working my writing muscles, I would love to hear them. Any bits of sage advice, or ways to find luck are also much appreciated.


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